Bridging the Gap - Hard Knowledge: Digital Design

I have mentioned the importance of bridging the gap with hard knowledge and skills that pertain to the industry and type of role I’m looking to move into.  To begin to understand which knowledge areas I need to get familiar with, I needed to target an area that I am interested in within the design/product development realm and would make immediate sense to pursue.

Digital Design

I have a personal interest in being an important part of a team that creates well designed products.  (I suppose this is the first hint at my interest in product development and I will explore this further in future posts.)  A product is not limited to physical objects - A beautiful, well conceived and useful product can also be digital, say a website or an app.

I decided to explore the digital end of the design spectrum first for a number of reasons:

  1. I am interested in what makes a great digital product and the process it takes to do so.
  2. There are companies I admire and want to be a part of doing great work in this field. 
  3. I recognize that digital design reaches across several types of organizations: digital agencies, design firms, tech startups and companies with a complete or partial digital presence.
  4. Digital design / digital product development has a need for project management and similar roles.

Next, I'll speak to the progress I am making learning different aspects of the digital design process.