Progress Report: Digital Design Process

I thought it wise to begin my knowledge pursuit in the digital design end of the design/product development spectrum.  As I networked and met people involved with digital and independently researched I picked up on areas that seemed to be common themes to target.

My thinking began as such:

  • I am looking to work in digital. 
  • More specifically, I’d like to first contribute as a project manager working with teams creating a digital product.

So I began to ask myself (and other people) what it takes to be a successful PM in the digital world.  What hard knowledge should I familiarize myself with?

Clearly, I should be familiar with general digital project management methods.   In theory, PM skills are transferable to most any type of project work…but this is not completely true.  Every industry has its own specifications, skills and nuances.  In digital, a PM may work with a variety of teams (creative, technologist/developer…) to produce a digital product and it makes all the sense in the world to have at least a high level understanding of what these teams’ technical capabilities are so that I can “speak the language” per se.  As a PM, I want to understand what is going on within the project so that I am better able to communicate and deliver an excellent product.

Below I detail the technical areas I have spent time familiarizing myself with and the steps I have taken to do so:

User Experience Design (UX)

  • A Project Guide to UX Design (Unger, Chandler 2009)
  • Lean UX Research Techniques (Coursework at General Assembly)
  • A Hands On Introduction to Building Wireframes (Coursework at General Assembly)


  • Agile Software Development with Scrum (Schwaber, Beedle 2001)
  • Agile Project Management with Scrum (Coursework at General Assembly)


  • Programming for Non-Programmers 1: Fundamentals (Coursework at General Assembly)
  • Digital Project Management

Digital Project Management

  • Digital Project Management Best Practices (General Assembly Webinar)

Product Management

  • Introduction to Product Management (Coursework at General Assembly)

On top of this, I attend industry meetings and Meetups to not only network and meet interesting people, but to stay abreast of industry trends and discover additional knowledge areas to explore.

Learning is a continuous process and continue to learn as much as possible.  I will post "Progress Report" entries as I amass different learnings.