For as long as my memory allows me to comprehend, music has been a prominent fixture in my life.  I received a yellow plastic Big Bird 7” record player for Christmas when I must have been no older than 4.  I ran circles around my parents sitting beside our x-mas tree as records played.  I would often raid my mom’s record collection and I would settle upon Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock” as I played “guitar” with a plastic whiffle ball bat.  In kindergarten, I couldn’t wait to get home in the afternoons to catch the opening sequence of the Monkees TV show so that I could be sure not to miss the theme song, “Hey, Hey We’re the Monkees.”  I wore the ribbon out of a Beach Boys compilation on tape when I was 7.  My best friend, Conrad, gave me Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever when I was 9…it’s not possible to listen to one album as many times as I did that album.  When I was 10, again for Christmas, my parents gave me my first CD, Nevermind

I bought my first guitar in San Francisco when I was 25.  I took maybe three lessons and became immediately frustrated.  To me it wasn’t fun trying to follow along so I decided that I’d rather just make it up as I went.  I never took the time to learn other people’s songs and I can’t name most of the chords that I play.  In the end, none of that has really mattered…I create and I record and I very much enjoy that.


microsounds is a sound journal where I document my recording work taking the form of complete compositions, partial tracks or even just incomplete thoughts.  Each piece that I post is accompanied with detail about the work.  Sometimes I will annotate how the piece was conceived, inspiration behind the work, technical details about the recording process, equipment used and settings.  It is my goal to use microsounds as a forum to share ideas with others as well as a personal document to capture my progress and to further solidify sound as it relates to events in my life.


((( m i c r o s o u n d s )))