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Hello, I'm Adam...constantly evolving, solutioning, solving problems, easing frustrations, answering unmet needs and above all, CREATING.   Leveraging the many facets of Design, I aim to work with teams to design and implement solutions which positively impact our world: Solving complex business challenges, answering social or ecological needs or working on initiatives simply aimed to provide happiness and beauty for people in their daily lives.  I imagine these solutions taking the form of products, experiences and processes combining an array of mediums including digital, physical and experiential components.   

  • Constantly seeking to experience and learn
  • Solution focused (as opposed to task focused)
  • Business and creative minded
  • Thrive among dynamic and diverse teams
  • Second nature to ask "Why?"

Professional Experience

McKinsey Digital Labs, McKinsey & Company, New York, NY: May 2013 - Present

Product Owner

As Product Owner, I intersect with and lead teams comprised of designers, technologists and thought leaders to create solutions (with a deep focus on digital) for our clients, spanning every major industry and interest worldwide, as well for the Firm itself.  Using agile and user centered methodologies, our teams identify the true user need, iterate design vision, functionality and working code, delivering a range of USEFUL solutions.

New Product Development:  Created and owned the product vision and oversaw the entire product development lifecycle from opportunity assessment to release of a fully functioning platform that is comprised of a project team facing web interface and consumer facing iPad app, used to create, manage and distribute McKinsey insight - A cultural paradigm shift and major progression of the standard de facto method.

  • Opportunity Assessment and Validation:  Identified a competitive business opportunity, tested and validated market need with users.
  • System Design: Designed a system that achieved the product vision while considering technical and cost feasibility. 
  • "Buy vs. Build" analysis:  Analyzed a range of tools against business and user needs from technical, cost and product vision standpoints, including proof of concept exercises.
  • Product Development:  
    • Utilizing agile scrum methodologies,  iteratively created working software, achieving the product vision and defined business value.
    • Partnered with a range of product stakeholders to ensure the product not only achieves the defined business value, but also shaped McKinsey iOS data security standards and adhered to brand messaging guidelines.
    • User Testing/Feedback: (In Process) Beta release aimed to capture and incorporate valuable user feedback into the system. 
  • User Adoption: (In Process) Confirm product and service offering viability to secure funding for the next product iteration.   

Service Offering Development:  As global service line lead, I was the product and service line SME and global single point of contact, working with product sponsors to identify, develop and grow a distinctive capability to deliver McKinsey insight and set a new standard for client interaction which is setting the organization apart from competitors.

Prototyping:  Interfaced with business leaders, designers and technologists to quickly distill complex client problems into powerful stories and rapidly iterate prototypes of solutions which become the inspiration and foundation of functional tools.               

(Personal Exploration) New York, NY: 2012 - 2013

Seeking to create and expose myself to a broader and more diverse set of challenges, I spent this time exploring, learning and finding inspiration from a range of people, disciplines and experiences that included a healthy regimen of Meetups, General Assembly courses, daily writing and countless after work coffee meetings.

Pfizer Inc., New York, NY: 2009 – 2012

Program Manager

Managed the lifecycle of all research grants from physician submission through grant cycle completion for Lipitor and the entire Established Brands portfolio, maintaining positive and productive relationships between physicians and Pfizer.  Led dynamic teams of subject matter experts to identify and review new grants and support ongoing grants, managed all financial budgets forecasts, ensured the timely review of all grant proposals, oversaw contract generation and execution, and ensured proper drug supply forecasting.


Metropolitan Research Associates, New York, NY:  2008 – 2009

Project Associate

Teamed with healthcare organizations, vendors and project leaders to ensure the successful lifecycle of clinical trials:  Coordinated projects, created, maintained and executed audits to clinical study master files and oversaw tracking systems for data review and data discrepancy identification.


Genentech, Inc., South San Francisco, California: 2004 – 2007

Project Manager

Led a highly technical cross-functional initiative, forming and maintaining a dynamic team of subject matter experts to facilitate a path for delivering a concept and final work plan to be utilized as the standard model for biotech product manufacturing flexibility, increasing volume of products to be manufactured in a given amount of time. 

Production Logistics Coordinator

Coordinated concurrently all aspects of biotech product manufacturing lifecycles.  Led operations teams, oversaw product and project start-up, maintenance and close out activities and partnered with vendors and business units to ensure successful drug manufacturing campaigns.

Sr. Bioprocess Technician

Supported biotech drug product operations, manufacturing vital bio-therapies for unmet medical needs:  Cleaned/prepared, monitored, operated and troubleshot all processing equipment and manufacturing processes.  


University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

Bachelor of Science, Plant Biology