Map and Match Values

After coming up with a good list of what is important to me, my core values, I wanted to dig deeper and match these values to disciplines and industries.  I thought about the essence of each value on my list and how each could translate to the professional world.  I made sure to keep these ideas fresh in my mind so that I could make connections as I attended events, met people and actively researched.

There are a number of ways to make connections between what is important to you and the type of work that will satisfy this...but my best advice to be CURIOUS.  Always keep your values in mind and explore.  There's no linear, prescribed method - It is you who will have an idea already what you will and will not do, can and cannot do.  Be persistent and explore.

A good friend of mine so happens to be leading a tech startup and invited myself and a group of friends down to the technology portion of SXSW to help promote his business.  Not only did I want to go to help him out and the event would be a ton of fun, I saw the connection that there was a great opportunity to network and learn about an industry which at the time was new to me.  Creativity, innovation, design and technology are some key words on my list of values and all of these things are synonymous with the mission of SXSW.

Going into that experience, I didn't know what to expect.  I’m happy to say that I left the festival having made progress in discovering an area to explore - I met some exciting people who worked for a digital agency and were nice enough to fill me in on their world.  I left SXWS having discovered an area of interest and I was pumped to dive in and learn more.

Identifying Your Core Values

It was easy for me to say that it was time to make a change.  Sometimes the easiest and most obvious way to make a decision to move on to something new is when there is a persistent and chronic pain point.  I knew what I didn’t like about my work situation.  Being unhappy is unpleasant and that made it clear to me that I needed to make a change.  I have a great professional record and the easy route to take would have been to immediately begin looking for similar jobs within my industry.  Finding another job for the sake of finding another job would not have taken much time, effort or creativity.  Most importantly, following this path wouldn’t have addressed the core issues central to my problem.Read More