CHANGER: Content and Goals

CHANGER is a blog where I focus on the work that I do transforming my career.  I put a lot of work into this "project" on a daily basis and essentially it became clear to me that I should capture my story.  

My intent for writing this blog is to document the path to my new career, solidify my learnings of technical topics, review my progress and express to others (future employers, I'm looking at you) my goals and the steps I've taken to achieve them.  On top of this, I truly hope that this blog can be useful in providing ideas and inspiration to people who want to achieve results similar to the ones that I'm pursuing.  

Some entries I am writing in retrospect - those that I see as important to the "story" and that still have meaning to me now - but my focus will be on the current and I will add content frequently.

Transforming a career is more than just making a career change...It's an exercise in discovering ways to exploit your talents and nurture your interests.